There’s More to this.

Hello! This is me, I’m Nana. I’m at the end of the table bidding farewell to my fans family and followers that are the stars of my show.

And if that where to make you some type of way, then it should be just gravy because I live my life natural and have a good base of knowledge and experience with all types of situations.

I have a background in art in my neighborhood watching my community come together for them and myself especially when it was time for us to get all serious and nice for church or some other fancy function.

When I decided to get into the union.

What’s the specific time when I saw my uncle being beyond his physical prime an offer some advice it was still in the air and flying for a musical group.

This group came in and they were so troubled yet talented and they had such great voices, But as they were preparing to enter into bigger show where they’re going to be premiered for the larger audience that was going to be a large outlook for the ordering of their brand and they also had a great individual who was there and support with them that wasn’t necessary in the spotlight with them.

My uncle was able to do what he does best and make magic with his knowledge and I knew right then and there that I was destined to account and facilitate these moments.