Getting rid of Negative Thoughts

Mental health is one of the most important facets in ones life. Just like other parts of the body, it is imperative to take good care of your mind so as to achieve the goals and objectives that you set everyday. Negative thoughts can and will hinder you from achieving this objective.

Here are some proven tips on how to get rid of negative thoughts completely. You do not need any prior experience to perfect them, just practice.

Mental Health Concept

Talk to Someone

Keeping issues in your heart will do you no good and so it is recommendable to open up and talk to someone who understands what you are going through. Doing so will help you disseminate the bad thoughts and gain more focus in your life. More importantly, your friend or counselor will give you some insights on how to solve the problem and respond to the issues.


Meditation basically refers to taking a few hours to listen to your inner self. You do not have to spend hours doing so especially if you do not have the experience. Just ten minutes per day is enough to negate the bad thoughts. All you have to do is find a quiet spot in your house or workplace and meditate, simple!

Keep it Real

This is one of the main challenges that people face. If you are not sure if you will do something, there is no point of fooling yourself that you can. Make realistic goals and only focus on the things that you are sure you can.

Use the above tips to defeat bad thoughts and promote your mental health.

Wish Upon A Star


Is it magic is it science or is it a miracle.

Well I will leave up to different interpretations for you and the kind of verbiage that you like to use I will Converse about the common things among them all.

First of all the manifestations of all three of these things have their asses rooted in the spiritual dimension in the Unseen.

What I will acknowledge that science often does is try to wear all wrapped up infinite concepts around our finite brains.

Which in itself is an awesome Advantage for all of the rising Scholars who have grown in their knowledge of the science of the universe.

And then there are those who continue to like to use the verbiage of saying that things are just magical.

In fact, things like Disney World or Cedar Point or movies out on the lawn or playing cards with your friends late night or Sipping some sweet Tangy lemonade out on the porch on a cool summer night when the breeze is just right.

Now I would challenge anyone who wants to try to say that these things are just mentioned are not magical or anything less than that.

But then there are some Blurred Lines when you start talking about the heavier aspects of magic that are used in different cultures and spiritual practices that actually have deeper spiritual implications.

Do Miracles really happen.

Yes absolutely because now we come to Miracles which is the acknowledgement that the gifts the blessings you have are a gift from a miracle Giver.

Spiritual Sciences


The way the truth and the light.

And now a month at the time of settling in setting up this post be able to present ideas on where the consolations to you the readers and listeners.

I recognize the desire to be able to allow this journey to be fully explanation and fully expressive of the things that are inside of myself.

In the Science World are different many different ways of quantifying and acknowledging and the qualifying this action in the statement.

But after everything is said and done and more things were said in the more things have been done then you realize if there’s still more to do and more to say.

I have to acknowledge or recognize the very fact that I need less of myself and more of you most high perfect holy God

Jesus Christ the King of kings and Lord of lords my Lord and Savior of the world. The Lord of hosts Ancient of Days he was, he who is, he who forever will be.

Something shaking in the atmosphere

We can break it down to a vibration on molecular Atomic level are on the nuclear cellular down in the intrinsic at the DNA level.

We can pull up all of the elements on the periodic table in separate the gases from the metals on hydrogen oxygen In all of the things pertaining to and relating to science in the everyday human Day-to-day interactions in science is man’s way to try to verbalize what happens within the Spirit realm which in its nature was created to have elements beyond our finite comprehension.

Different Science, Different Seasonings

To really understand the nature of seasons is understand the seasons of nature.

Yes I know I know I know that you know that they thought was so good that is where the action taking place to really think about the fact that that’s true.

Nevertheless the one thing that we do know about the changes that changes the only thing that is Constantine the truth is reflected in the fact that as we look outside of our window out in March is going to be a little different than when we looked out in November.

You going to need different. Different quotes different different clothes different styles of shoes maybe if we had maybe a different layer of pajamas or Under Armour.

But nevertheless we understand that there’s a different science for every different season.

It’s another to actually unction that is able to be tapped into to continue to be sustained on this journey that is set out.

To really be able to have faith which is the substance of things hoped for but yet still be evidence of the things that are unseen and to be able to move forward with that even one of the cards look like they’re stacked up against you.

When you know that you know that you know the reason that you will never feel the reasons that you do it are the reason that you’re ever feeling that’s enough to be able to have the science through the seasons without compromising truths.

Sport Sciences

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At the end of the day in the world of competitive Sports what matters the most are the points on the scoreboard.

And now as a young man with you focus on staying focused in the middle Of what can seem to be Hocus Pocus and bogus you know this in with sights set on major stages like Potus.

That’s the president of the United States of America for those of you guys who may not be already aware of that abbreviation.

Now so absolutely Latin necessary to be a good at State physically active and to be able to evolve with the curve of Technology as far as staying current with your Fitness.

Get out there!

Take a jog take a hike go for a run go for Lap first stroll in the park go to the community center to do some basketball shoot some pool, Actually don’t be a fool and just play pool because pool is not enough to exercise but go ahead and take some laps of swimming in a pool. Now that’s cool.

So the conversation of Life Sciences power extends beyond what is necessary to understand in the context of a lot of business and economics But also extends into each and every other area that affects and impacts your life and the lives of those around you.

And that’s why we’ve made this publication in this writing post to be able to share what it means in the context of the athletics, Fitness, and sports

Molecular level media

Molecular Thoughts


Do you have a steady stream of ideas and insights circulating your mind?

The molecular level is a deeply profound space. It is said that the sum of the experiences in your life depends on the choices you make and the level that you operate on.

So we can look at science and then professional and international athletes and realize that their display of excellent athletic performance Is directly contributed to their actions in training and practice and how deeply engrained their training is on a molecular level.

We can also look at the examples of those whose life is taking a downward spiral and can also a credit their current state due to wrong decisions and bad actions.

When I think of levels,

that I have had in my own life and how I’ve grown to into who I am I am grateful that by the grace of God I understood that my habits needed to be defined in order for them to define who I am becoming.

I remember a time growing up when I used to watch Detroit basket ball back in their glory days when they were in heavy contention for the championships.

It was so exhilarating just to see the players file in to leave their passion and their sweat on the floor for the upliftment of their city.

I can remember that tension the nervousness the pressure When the clock was winding down the score was tied and the point guard was fouled yielding him a trip to the free throw line to tie the game or to take it in for the win to pull ahead for the championship series.

His ability to convert free throws into points which secured the championship win is a testament to impressing it onto yourself on a deeper level

The Science Of Life







The science of life and all that exists is really quite simple when you get down to it.

That’s why we here at Life Center Baltic up make sure that we open the conversation with a lot of people to share their perspectives of what the science of life really is.

To understand on the molecular level we are all when we all come from the same substance in the same substance as we open our awareness to it is the current that flows through us.

And to realize and understand of the more than more than we seem to discover through science the more the more we discovered there’s more that can be discovered through science.

Sure we can talk about multiple dimensions and realities and planes of existence in the other Realms of of operation will there be brings whether humans or other forms of life and spirit.

Does Science really hold the key.

Science does hold many keys to many doors and we like to think of science as a language that is trying to verbalize the existence of the magnitude of the expanse of creation and all that is.

And we will now move forward into assuming that your presence here on this blog site today represents your affiliation and your appreciation of the topics we like to discuss as movers and shakers and the creators of the territory that we are moving into moving forward into this uncharted territory of this new digitally advanced world