Different Science, Different Seasonings

To really understand the nature of seasons is understand the seasons of nature.

Yes I know I know I know that you know that they thought was so good that is where the action taking place to really think about the fact that that’s true.

Nevertheless the one thing that we do know about the changes that changes the only thing that is Constantine the truth is reflected in the fact that as we look outside of our window out in March is going to be a little different than when we looked out in November.

You going to need different. Different quotes different different clothes different styles of shoes maybe if we had maybe a different layer of pajamas or Under Armour.

But nevertheless we understand that there’s a different science for every different season.

It’s another to actually unction that is able to be tapped into to continue to be sustained on this journey that is set out.

To really be able to have faith which is the substance of things hoped for but yet still be evidence of the things that are unseen and to be able to move forward with that even one of the cards look like they’re stacked up against you.

When you know that you know that you know the reason that you will never feel the reasons that you do it are the reason that you’re ever feeling that’s enough to be able to have the science through the seasons without compromising truths.

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