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Do you have a steady stream of ideas and insights circulating your mind?

The molecular level is a deeply profound space. It is said that the sum of the experiences in your life depends on the choices you make and the level that you operate on.

So we can look at science and then professional and international athletes and realize that their display of excellent athletic performance Is directly contributed to their actions in training and practice and how deeply engrained their training is on a molecular level.

We can also look at the examples of those whose life is taking a downward spiral and can also a credit their current state due to wrong decisions and bad actions.

When I think of levels,

that I have had in my own life and how I’ve grown to into who I am I am grateful that by the grace of God I understood that my habits needed to be defined in order for them to define who I am becoming.

I remember a time growing up when I used to watch Detroit basket ball back in their glory days when they were in heavy contention for the championships.

It was so exhilarating just to see the players file in to leave their passion and their sweat on the floor for the upliftment of their city.

I can remember that tension the nervousness the pressure When the clock was winding down the score was tied and the point guard was fouled yielding him a trip to the free throw line to tie the game or to take it in for the win to pull ahead for the championship series.

His ability to convert free throws into points which secured the championship win is a testament to impressing it onto yourself on a deeper level

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