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Molecular Thoughts


Do you have a steady stream of ideas and insights circulating your mind?

The molecular level is a deeply profound space. It is said that the sum of the experiences in your life depends on the choices you make and the level that you operate on.

So we can look at science and then professional and international athletes and realize that their display of excellent athletic performance Is directly contributed to their actions in training and practice and how deeply engrained their training is on a molecular level.

We can also look at the examples of those whose life is taking a downward spiral and can also a credit their current state due to wrong decisions and bad actions.

When I think of levels,

that I have had in my own life and how I’ve grown to into who I am I am grateful that by the grace of God I understood that my habits needed to be defined in order for them to define who I am becoming.

I remember a time growing up when I used to watch Detroit basket ball back in their glory days when they were in heavy contention for the championships.

It was so exhilarating just to see the players file in to leave their passion and their sweat on the floor for the upliftment of their city.

I can remember that tension the nervousness the pressure When the clock was winding down the score was tied and the point guard was fouled yielding him a trip to the free throw line to tie the game or to take it in for the win to pull ahead for the championship series.

His ability to convert free throws into points which secured the championship win is a testament to impressing it onto yourself on a deeper level

Centered and Balanced






Have you ever struggled to find the formula for balance?

You are not alone if you answered to the affirmative.

The main part of why this principle resonated with me was because it does seem like the individual that is appearing to be in a peaceful balanced secret place where he just Appears to be resting securely in a shield in a rock in a fortress and a refuge a force My God in Him will I trust,,, yo that’s so powerful right there.

When we understand on a deeper level of how important it is to raise the quality of our thoughts because of the implications that has on our life, And you understand that your mind is parallel to an acre of diamonds and that it’s up to you to take in mind to mine for the diamonds to uncover its treasures, Then you already understand how powerful and empowering it is to have this understanding in your subconscious, Therefore reflecting on the way in your beliefs which shape how you take action now you speak and how you move in this world.

Then it goes on to say

he shall cover thee with his feathers and under his wings will you trust. His truth will be your shield and buckler.

So Right at this point it don’t need to be spoken to send it’s understood that balance comes from peace and security that comes from having faith and trust in something bigger than yourself..

So we keep pressing on

Limitless Experience

staircase-perspectegg hhdive-george-ozeDefining the parameters…

Knowing no limits, having the ability and the guts to take dangerous scientific chances to create an intellectual experience unlike any other is the core of the mission at the headquarters of design at our headquarters.


We don’t just talk the talk, we understand that we have to walk the walk if we want people to walk into our compound.

A special thanks to all the many fearless science fans that have th he vision to be able to take or unique concepts and ideas and allure then to unfold into the trends that they can potentially be.

Why do we do what we do?

We don’t just make systems because we’re bored and feel that Is the best way to pass time is to just get into the factory and crank out lecture after lecture left brain right brain. No we’re not just making assignments we are taking steps a small step for our company big step for Humanity.

The humanity across the globe that not only appreciates minds of high intellect but even the ones Who just need the basic need a necessity of a class just to function.

So like the style of one of the latest styles that is depicted in the picture above, it is endless and infinite where the realm of this and utterances how they have computed a message that is imprinted on my mind and realizing that my focus is spent on actions that will multiply my gift and enhance my skills

The Science Of Life







The science of life and all that exists is really quite simple when you get down to it.

That’s why we here at Life Center Baltic up make sure that we open the conversation with a lot of people to share their perspectives of what the science of life really is.

To understand on the molecular level we are all when we all come from the same substance in the same substance as we open our awareness to it is the current that flows through us.

And to realize and understand of the more than more than we seem to discover through science the more the more we discovered there’s more that can be discovered through science.

Sure we can talk about multiple dimensions and realities and planes of existence in the other Realms of of operation will there be brings whether humans or other forms of life and spirit.

Does Science really hold the key.

Science does hold many keys to many doors and we like to think of science as a language that is trying to verbalize the existence of the magnitude of the expanse of creation and all that is.

And we will now move forward into assuming that your presence here on this blog site today represents your affiliation and your appreciation of the topics we like to discuss as movers and shakers and the creators of the territory that we are moving into moving forward into this uncharted territory of this new digitally advanced world