Spiritual Sciences


The way the truth and the light.

And now a month at the time of settling in setting up this post be able to present ideas on where the consolations to you the readers and listeners.

I recognize the desire to be able to allow this journey to be fully explanation and fully expressive of the things that are inside of myself.

In the Science World are different many different ways of quantifying and acknowledging and the qualifying this action in the statement.

But after everything is said and done and more things were said in the more things have been done then you realize if there’s still more to do and more to say.

I have to acknowledge or recognize the very fact that I need less of myself and more of you most high perfect holy God

Jesus Christ the King of kings and Lord of lords my Lord and Savior of the world. The Lord of hosts Ancient of Days he was, he who is, he who forever will be.

Something shaking in the atmosphere

We can break it down to a vibration on molecular Atomic level are on the nuclear cellular down in the intrinsic at the DNA level.

We can pull up all of the elements on the periodic table in separate the gases from the metals on hydrogen oxygen In all of the things pertaining to and relating to science in the everyday human Day-to-day interactions in science is man’s way to try to verbalize what happens within the Spirit realm which in its nature was created to have elements beyond our finite comprehension.

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