The Science Of Life







The science of life and all that exists is really quite simple when you get down to it.

That’s why we here at Life Center Baltic up make sure that we open the conversation with a lot of people to share their perspectives of what the science of life really is.

To understand on the molecular level we are all when we all come from the same substance in the same substance as we open our awareness to it is the current that flows through us.

And to realize and understand of the more than more than we seem to discover through science the more the more we discovered there’s more that can be discovered through science.

Sure we can talk about multiple dimensions and realities and planes of existence in the other Realms of of operation will there be brings whether humans or other forms of life and spirit.

Does Science really hold the key.

Science does hold many keys to many doors and we like to think of science as a language that is trying to verbalize the existence of the magnitude of the expanse of creation and all that is.

And we will now move forward into assuming that your presence here on this blog site today represents your affiliation and your appreciation of the topics we like to discuss as movers and shakers and the creators of the territory that we are moving into moving forward into this uncharted territory of this new digitally advanced world

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