Wish Upon A Star


Is it magic is it science or is it a miracle.

Well I will leave up to different interpretations for you and the kind of verbiage that you like to use I will Converse about the common things among them all.

First of all the manifestations of all three of these things have their asses rooted in the spiritual dimension in the Unseen.

What I will acknowledge that science often does is try to wear all wrapped up infinite concepts around our finite brains.

Which in itself is an awesome Advantage for all of the rising Scholars who have grown in their knowledge of the science of the universe.

And then there are those who continue to like to use the verbiage of saying that things are just magical.

In fact, things like Disney World or Cedar Point or movies out on the lawn or playing cards with your friends late night or Sipping some sweet Tangy lemonade out on the porch on a cool summer night when the breeze is just right.

Now I would challenge anyone who wants to try to say that these things are just mentioned are not magical or anything less than that.

But then there are some Blurred Lines when you start talking about the heavier aspects of magic that are used in different cultures and spiritual practices that actually have deeper spiritual implications.

Do Miracles really happen.

Yes absolutely because now we come to Miracles which is the acknowledgement that the gifts the blessings you have are a gift from a miracle Giver.

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